Sunday, November 1, 2015

End the harvest

This week we pulled out everything left in the garden except some sunchokes and a few radishes.

Jess helped me haul in more than 10 gallons of carrots and beets after school on Thursday (I think). Some were stubborn and she ended up ass-over-tea-kettle when one group of carrots let go.

I spent Friday night and Saturday processing carrots for the freezer. I also made carrot soup (needed ginger) and sweet potato biscuits. Today I'll bake the pumpkin and make pie and some gnoochi.

I took a rare sick day this week and stayed in bed in the morning. I felt better after lunch and made bread, which was delicious.

With snow expected today I cleaned up the last of the yard stuff (hoses and buckets and whatnot) and noticed the chives on the south side had put out a new set of blossoms.

I expect we'll be starting some Xmas baking this week (nice to have some stuff in the freezer for the holidays). The second batch of sauerkraut is also starting to smell good!