Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Fruitcake, sidewalk, and seeds

An early spring has allowed us to get the yard cleaned up and ready for planting. We've also had time to plan ahead for Xmas and make Christmas cake (we forgot to do this last year)..

We liberated a very old bottle of inexpensive whiskey from my inlaws liquor cabinet and have been using that to douse the cake Jessica made.

The whisky adds a good flavour but without the extra sweetness of rum--which is an interesting change. These are now tucked away in a cabinet to age over the next eight months.

There are a few flowers blooming--mostly various pansies that either over wintered under the snow or were self-seeded.

A big project we planned to deal with last year (but then ran out of good weather) was to lift, level, and re-lay the front walk.

We put the walk in about 11 years ago. Ants and winter have caused some slumping up at the top. About four years ago, the city lifted the bottom six feet when they put in new sidewalks. They then re-laid the pieces and the base slumped (leading to pooling and ice).

I lifted the bricks and levelled the base (which was tricky). Jess then took over and put down two-third of the bricks.

It took us a day and a half to complete the project but the result is pretty good for two amateurs. There is one brick that is slightly high that I'll need to go back and re-seat. But otherwise, we're good.

We also planted most of the rest of the garden this weekend, with radish, beet, carrot and peas going in. The onions are doing fine and the garlic we planted in the fall is just coming up.

As soon as we can get the potato seed we wanted, we'll plunk them in along with the sunflower seeds. The tomatoes, squash, and peppers will wait until a bit later in May when the weather stabilizes a bit.