Monday, May 20, 2019

Planting finished

It looks like the mont got away on me and I forgot to post and update! The up shot is that the painting is 95% finished.

We put potatoes in in early May (well, Jess did--I supervised with a sore back).

We also put in most of our annuals around mother's day. The pansies and violas seem pretty hardy and self seed so that it what we went with again this year to complement the volunteers we got.

The tulips are up out back and still making a mess out of the veggie bed. I will be transplanting these again to the front once the bloom is done. The will free up a few more feet of bed for bush beans.

It looks like a great year for Saskatoons. Both bushes have been loaded with blooms.

I'm hopeful the bees are doing their work so we can get a decent harvest this year.

The onions and garlic are all up as well, including this one which pushed its skin up with the stalk.

We've also seem the potatoes push through the soil after about three weeks.

I thin out the old raspberry canes and then we built a fire. I always forget how flammable the canes are after a winter of drying!

And the apple trees are about to bloom, which is lovely.

All that is left for us are some beans and a late sowing of lettuce and I think we're good for the season.

Now off to continue the war against creeping bell flower.