Saturday, November 26, 2011

Xmas baking

With winter firmly here, Jess and I have turned out attention to some holiday baking. We have a long list of things to make for various friends and family.

First up was some short bread. In the past we've put a large chocolate chip in the middle of the short-bread cookie but this year we made a thumb print and dropped in some raspberry jam. There was some skepticism when I suggested we modify this family favourite but the outcome is fantastic!

We also baked some gingerbread this afternoon--a mix of gingerbread men and trees. I think next on my list are some peanut butter rum balls, although I wonder if all of the rum has been used in the fruitcake we've been aging in the cupboard.

In exciting news, as I was rummaging around for Christmas-themed cookie cutters this afternoon, I found a lone paper bag of red potatoes in the storage cupboard. They look great (about four months of storage) so I expect they will be part of dinner tomorrow night. Perhaps mashed with some bakes beans while we watch the Grey Cup?

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