Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Seeding Schedule

With the sidewalks shoveled and a second cup of coffee in me, I decided to sit down and work out a seeding schedule for 2012. I always get ambitious in late March, which is usually too late for some plants and too early for others.

From what I can tell, these are roughly the planting dates I should target. Some dates are for an early start in a cold frame (indicated with an asterisk). I'm aiming to get the plants into the cold frame around March 15. This is about the point the south side of the house loses its snow cover so I expect the put the cold frame up about two weeks prior to that.

The rest of the dates are aiming for a May 10ish planting into (mostly) raised beds in the yard (which I will tarp if frost threatens).

February 1
Kale and Lettuce*

February 15
Leeks (for soup!)
Carrots and Beets *

March 1
Celery (again for soup!)
Oregano, Parsley

March 15
Tomatoes, Coriander, Dill and Basil

April 1
Broccoli, Peppers and Sage

The rest I will seed directly into the ground in May. My aim is to reduce (or eliminate) the seedlings I buy this year. Comments and suggestions welcomed.


  1. And, wouldn't you know, you can find a full Edmonton chart here!


  2. These are much earlier than I would have thought. I have a nice raised brick planter that I use as a cold frame and I must say that I am planting way too late. Will do it earlier this year. The tomatoes, are you planting seeds in March?

  3. Thanks Sarah. Yes, all seed-grown indoors with an eye to transplanting to a cold frame (kale, lettuce and a few carrots and beets) in march or into the ground in May. I was surprised at the dates when I did the math about germination times and the need to get a reasonable plant before going out. I'll be using grow lights in the basement to get them started.