Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday cidering

With Jenn and Jess taking a cake decorating case, this morning seemed like a good time to press a second batch of juice for cider. I fiddled with my process a bit and had a nice time.

I managed to get over seven gallons. Five are in the basement awaiting some honey and yeast (first time trying honey) while the other two are in the fridge. Some I will freeze for a winter treat.

After prepping, pressing and cleaning, I spent the rest of the morning in the yard, water, harvesting and generally enjoying a lovely, sunny day.

The Jerusalem artichokes have not yet flowered but are as tall as I am. I am hopeful this means a  good crop of roots. For now, the ladybugs are enjoying a sunny, sheltered perch.

Tonight we have a last apple picking. We made apple butter this week so I expect I will end up saucing these (who needs more than gallons of cider?). Of course, I could make apple wine... .

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