Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring flowers

April is fast slipping away and we've made a fair bit of progress in the yard. Many of the perennials are up early, like these violets. I've also moved a bunch of daylilies around and fiddled with the soil in a new bed.

Since quite a lot of stuff just kind of has to wait a few more weeks, I've been cleaning up a bunch of winter debris and tonight we'll have a fire to burn a bunch of twigs and branches.

Last weekend we did a bunch more seeding, including peas, rocket and radishes. The stuff in the cold frames has already germinated. The trees in the valley are also starting to leaf out.

Around the front we got the onions in as well as the carrot seeds. The garlic has also been growing and I suspect we'll have an early harvest.

There is a bit more shade in the back. I've been weeding (mostly crab grass and purple bell flower) and the rhubarb is just coming up. We have some strawberries to move this weekend.

I'm also hopeful that we can get some seed potatoes this weekend. I'd like to put in caribe blue as those did really week last time.


  1. Gosh, it all looks fabulous! We are a bit cooler out here so things are a wee bit behind you. I did seed a green manure crop in all the annual beds and the greenhouse (which is just sprouting now) and will be slashed back in 3 weeks. I'll water it all with compost tea and mulch to facilitate quick rotting. Following a 2 week wait, I'll be set to seed out for May Long weekend.

    There's not a lot of margin for variances in that timeline, so we'll wing it!

    Do you keep a detailed garden journal? This is my weakness - I am terrible about record keeping but it would really help me to do so.

    1. Yeah, the urban heat island is a really surprising thing, hey? I certainly appreciate it but I am jealous about the amount of space country gardeners can till.

      I use this blog as my garden journal. About the only paper records I keep (and just over winter) is a list of what we had too much and too little of and what goes in which beds next year (based on a four-year, clock-wise rotation). I imagine a garden journal would likely yield insights but I write all day so when I'm done work I'd rather not pick up a pen!