Saturday, May 6, 2017


Spring seems to be here for real this time. The perennials (like the day lilies below) are up and jumped a couple of inches in the heat of the past few days.

While we waited for the soil to warm a bit, I dug out one of the compost bins. Amazing how organic debris breaks down and gives you... spoons. I have scheduled a refresher on what you can compost and what you can't for the next staff meeting.

The wheelbarrow of stuff I dug out made some nice additions to the beds that I'm building on top of a huge pile of clay from the foundation dig seven years ago. We then planted a bunch of walla-walla shoots.

Jess also puts in 40 or so potato plants after I loosened the soil I touch. We went with more purple caribe, a russet variant, and a yellow boiling potato.

It is interesting to poke around in last year's debris. I found this Roma and was surprised to see the colour change in the skin over the winter. Very striking against the greys and browns.

The storage onions we put in more than a month ago have started to jump up out front. No sign of the last fall's garlic yet.

The bird house we bought for Jenn last mother's day has tenant (chickadees). Hard to get a good shot with my camera and zooming. The best I could do is this one (you can see the chickadee launching itself out of the house--pardon the distortions through the three panes of glass).

The rhubarb is up. We were drinking some of last year's rhubarb wine and quite enjoying it last night. I think we'll do this again this year. We plants the carrots, turnips, and zucchini yesterday. It looks like the radishes self-seeded last year n one bed so we'll just leave them.

I need to uncover the soil in the corn bed to let it warm up a touch over the week. There is also some early weeding to do.

The good news is that the bulbs are starting t come on. This daf was the first to flower but the tulips should follow shortly. The greening up of the shrubs has bee fast enough to almost watch it happen.

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