Saturday, July 15, 2017

Berries for jam. Plus garlic scape pesto

We had a pretty week of making stuff. We started off with garlic scape pesto. The scapes were just ready for harvesting this week and I sent Jess out to get them.

We then cleaned, chopped, and blended with some oil, nuts, parmesan cheese and salt. This year's batch seems way hotter than last year's--maybe the drought? Or maybe we needed more oil? Anyhow, we froze them in muffin tins which is a nice appetizer size

We also made Saskatoon jam and strawberry-rhubarb pie filling for the winter. This is probably the last cutting from the rhubarb for this year as we were pretty brutal.

Jess also pulled the first turnip while we were out watering yesterday. It has been very hot and dry (+30C) and everyone is looking forward to a rainy week.

I also made from strawberry-saskatoon jam the other night. I didn't quite cook it long enough and it is a touch runnier than I might like. And we dried some saskatoons (meh).

The raspberries are also coming on and we've harvested about a gallon. If the weather cools off some, I will make jam with them tomorrow. The now mature raspberry hedge is one of my happiest gardening accomplishments. At about 50 feet in length. it should be enough to meet all of our needs.

I was out (watering.. again) and I see that the scary-hot peppers have fruited. I'm looking forward to drying these for winter use.

Ive been watching the north bed in the front yard and thinking that now that the tree stump has mostly disintegrated, I might spend some time in late August moving the soil about and amending it in anticipation of growing some tomatoes there next year. Tonight we're going to rack off the strawberry wine into carboys.

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