Sunday, March 31, 2019

Early Spring!

We seem to be having an early spring this year, with perennial and bulbs already coming up!

The pansies on the west and south side of the house are up, including some annuals that seem to have survived the winter.

I've been cleaning up the yard as the snow retreat (just the backyard left under snow). While we wait for the grass to emerge, I've also been going through the remains of last year's harvest. We have enough onions left to get us to summer. We also have some potatoes left.

There is already some weeding to do in the back beds (!) and I see our infestation of tulip tarde (which I dutifully dig out of the vegetable bed each year and move around to the front) continues!

The rhubarb is also coming up in the sunnier bed.

A few more days and we should have enough depth in the front bed to put in onions--must go off to see what Apache Seeds has in stock.

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