Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kale to cold frame

I decided to take the lunge today and move a few seedlings out into the cold frame. I moved three kale plants out along with six or seven beet seedlings. The weather looks good for the next two weeks--maybe a bit snow but otherwise no big deal.

I also dropped in some garlic cloves (hoping to make up for missing the window last fall), both in the cold frame and in another sunny (but unprotected) bed.

The kale and beets were all grown in newspaper pots and, after several stabs at this, I would not bother doing this again. Using small plastic pots is a whole lot simpler! And that is what I've opted for with the tomato seedlings.

About half of the early girl and cherry tomato seeds I started have come up. Not sure if the others are slow or just duds. I'll give them another week and then do a second sowing.

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