Saturday, March 31, 2012

New growth!

The weather has come back around this week and it was +13 yesterday. The snow is gone from all but the shadiest areas of the yard and we decided to poke around the yard after work yesterday to see what we could see.

First up was a very hungry squirrel whom we caught raiding the bird feeder. We don't generally have problems with that but it is likely a tough time of the year. S/he eventually got used to us gawking and we spent about 15 minutes watching the squirrel chow down on sunflower seeds from about four feet away.

Around the south side of the house, the onions we planted last fall continue to out out some new growth (the centre stalk). No sign of the garlic we dropped in a couple of weeks back, even in the cold frame. It was easily 25 degrees in there yesterday afternoon and we dropped in some carrot, beet and kale seeds to fill in where the transplants didn't take.

Also on the south side we found the first chives of spring, poking up beside a warm rock. I know the chives are always among the first things I see when I start to move the leaf litter around so these may not be that early. I know I've seen them at Easter before. No sign of tulips or daffodils, though.

In the backyard, one of the apple trees has moved from setting buds to starting to leaf out. Fingers crossed it can withstand the cold snaps we're likely to get. In the background, you can see Jess poking around in the two beds she wants to operate by herself this year.

And, with Jess' sharp eyes, we ran across a bunch of spinach which just germinated today (I'd swear it wasn't there when I went for a bike ride at lunch) in one of the uncovered beds on the south side of the house. I seeded this in last fall (I think--may have been early in the spring) and I'm quite chuffed to see it come up.

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