Sunday, April 1, 2012

Re-cutting the garden bed

With a lovely day predicted, Jess and I went out early Saturday to rake the lawn and tidy the yard. Here she is cutting some long grass with hand shears!

We also ran across the first tulips of the year up along the south side of the house while I was re-edging the gardens.

Our big job of the day was to re-cut the garden bed out front. Originally, the curve was much sharper and left a small peninsula of grass trapped between the bed and the hedge (basically behind the trunk in the photo below). This was a hassle to mow with the reel mower. You can see the old garden edge in the leaf litter.

Over the winter, I decided to cut the edge more generously in order reduce the fiddly mowing. This bed is mostly irises and, by making it larger, I've now got some space for the irises I wanted to move from the back garden to make room for more potatoes.

We also pulled the chicken wire down from around the fruit trees (now that the rabbits have other sources of food) and redeployed it in the back so the beans could climb on it.

After a day of +13 and a great bike ride, imagine my disappointment to wake up to this! Should be +8 tomorrow so I'm trying to think of this as free water!

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