Thursday, April 26, 2012

More signs of spring

Although this week has been a bit dreary, the sunshine on the weekend pushed many plants to bud out and otherwise grow.

Along the side of the house, the alpine currant hedge has started to leaf out, which is a nice shot of colour. And, at the back, the rhubarb plants have started to develop full leaves. These are slightly larger than a dessert plate.

In the front, the Saskatoon bushes are starting to bud. No life from the raspberry canes yet and it looks like I need to cut out last year's fruiting canes.

The peonies around the side of the house have also poked through the soil (this one is about an inch high).

If I get some time this weekend, we'll be cleaning up the big perennial bed in the back yard. I plan to knock back the Persian cornflower this year (it has sprawled terribly) and also move some of the irises around front to make more room for potatoes next year.

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