Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wild onions and early seeding

The other day, Kevin Kossowan made an interesting post about some wild onions he'd found in the river valley. Today being so lovely, we went for a long bike ride and had a picnic in the valley. Afterward, I poked around and found a similar patch of onions by looking for the seed heads.

I gave a leaf a try and it was subtler than most onions I've eaten. Mild but very flavorful. I snagged a dozen seeds from one of the heads and this afternoon we planted them in one of the more inhospitable spots in the garden (hot with poor soil, just like the bank we took the seeds from).

Afterwards, we dug five of the raised bed (not a big chore--the soil is fairly loose to begin with), then added some lime and mixed it in. In one of Jess' beds, we then plants some beets and spinach. Jess is firmly in the "broadcast the seed camp" and had a lot of fun doing it. That kind of chaos in the garden makes me crazy but we had a much better result with broadcasting last year than with using rows, so what do I know?

The cold frames were cooking away (I may need to start to watch these during the day and crack the top open a bit) and the kale was starting to put out real leaves. The carrots have also germinated. I'd largely given up, thinking I'd planted them too deeply--so this was a nice surprise.

We then turned a few more beds, transplanted a few errant strawberries I missed last fall, and sussed out where to put some onion bulbs in. With a nod to aching knees (30km is a long ride so early in the season), we then packed it in long before the sun went down.

Apache Seeds is open tomorrow so we'll ride over and get some bulbs. We're going to try to go without a car this month so I'm quite pleased to live so close to Apache! Assuming I move tomorrow, we'll also loosen some beds and get them ready for seeding in early May.

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