Friday, April 13, 2012

Perennials are stirring

We spent some time poking around the yard last night as I wanted to get the back lawn raked before today's predicted rain (and snow, the radio says). While we were out, we saw a number of perennials poking up.

Back in the new potato bed that I double-dug last fall, I found a bunch of crocus bulbs had survived the digging and were coming up between the pavers I laid to access the bed. I see a couple are also out in the middle of the bed and I'll relocate those once they flower.

The strawberries are also putting out new growth. These are one the sunny south side of the house. I moved most of these last year but I see I must have missed a few runners.

Nearby, the daylilies are also starting to peak through the leaf litter and, excitingly, new shoots are coming up to colonize some of the space I left for them to fill in.

Around the front, the yellow flowers I moved rather rudely last year are coming back. This is good as I moved them in the middle of the bloom and they suffered all summer from inadequate roots (needed a lot of water).

And, at the back near the stone planter, the rhubarb has emerged, seemingly unaffected by the introduction of strawberry plants to the bed. This plant is in its tenth year. I split is about five years ago but I don't think I have the heart to do that again this year. Coincidentally, we had a strawberry-rhubarb pie last night, using up some of last summer's frozen stalks.

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