Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cold frame vs exposed beds

The garlic I planted in an exposed bed on the south side of the house on March the 18th has finally peaked through the soil. It is up about one inch in a month--likely pretty good given the stop-and-start nature of the spring we've had.

By contrast, the garlic in the cold frame is up about 6 inches. You can also see some kale and (in the very back) beet seeds that have germinated. I'm looking forward to an early harvest of kale and beets.

I finished raking the rest of the lawn last night and almost have all of the Christmas lights down. If the weather cooperates some, I hope to finish edging the garden beds and plant some basil (indoors under lights) this weekend.


  1. I wish I had some cold frames in my yard! I'm jealous of your early harvest... Maybe by this fall I'll be organized enough to get some on the south garden bed.

  2. Thanks kindly; I've been really happy with the results of about 30 minutes work last fall. This autumn I'm going to pull apart the box I currently have and make two shallower boxes (easier to reach into) that better fit the shape of the glass that I salvaged.