Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden thrives despite (another) snowstorm

As we melt out from under another spring snowstorm (nearly 20cm in some places!), the garden continues to come to life.

The pots in the basement are progressing, with the tomatoes starting to establish real leaves. The rest of the seedlings were a bit of a bust but the tomatoes seem to be doing just fine.

In the cold frame, the kale has germinated, along with some (unpictured) beets. This is encouraging and about two months ahead of where we might be if I'd waited to seed in late May in an unprotected bed.

The garlic in the cold frame has shot up about three inches over the past week and a half. Still no signs of it in the unprotected bed that I also planted. Obviously the +25C temps in the cold frame are relaly helping the plants get a jump on the year.

And elsewhere, we're starting to see the tulips emerge from the leaf litter. It will be awhile before I see any flowers but (as the snow flies), the bulbs are heartening!

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