Monday, September 3, 2012

Crab apple jelly

The smell of crab apples as I was cycling down the lane last week took me back to my mother's epic crab apple jelly making in the 1970s. Our neighbour was more than happy to donate some of his apples and we made jelly this weekend.

I was surprised how pungent the juice was once we'd boiled the apples. The jelly itself was a snap compared to the work involved in jamming and we got just over two litres of jelly from a double recipe.

This still leaves us with quite a lot of crab apples so I think I will try to make some spiced crabs this evening. I always enjoy eating them but have never thought to make them. I also wonder about making some mint crab apple jelly since I expect the pint plant is about to pack it in for the year.

We made some late rhubarb jam the other day. The recipe called for baking the rhubarb and sugar in the over (to preserve the shape of the stalk) and then jar and process it. That did not set up very well and will likely end up on my oatmeal. We're also starting to blanch and freeze carrots (10 cups this afternoon) for stews this winter.

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