Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomatoes, potatoes and apples

We've kept busy trying to keep up with the garden these past few days. Jess made tomato soup the other day (uses 8 tomatoes, which put a nice dent in the ripe tomatoes on the windowsill). THis was also not a bad tomato sauce recipe if I seeded the tomatoes first.

We've made what I think will be my last batch of apple sauce (left) and apple butter (right). I love it but at some point we have enough and I need to move on.

This weekend we'll likely give crab apple jelly (maybe with some mint in one batch) a go; the neighbours have quite a large tree we can likely pick. I see also that the high-bush cranberries are starting to ripen. We'll wait until there is a touch of frost to get some of there.

The potato patch continues to amaze. While the russet potatoes are normal sized, the blue caribe are enormous and plentiful. The one potato fed us all last night (about 750ml in volume). I'm going to have to dig out some potato recipes as well as some bags for storage.

Now back to dealing with the tomatoes and staying up on the bean harvest.

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