Friday, August 17, 2012

Beginning of the harvest

Jessica and I went out and lunch today to see what needed our attention this weekend in the garden. There is a linger raised bed rebuild on the side but we're also entering the harvest season. One of our surprises was that the zucchini plants were quietly producing monstrous zucchini. We found three like the one Jess is holding. I think we'll be baking a winter's worth of zucchini loaf this weekend!

We also pulled in some carrots (late season thinning), the last of the green beans, some early tomatoes, some cucumbers and some onions. A good chunk of this we walked down to our neighbour who let us pick his Saskatoon bush earlier in the year. What a nice way to get rid of excessive vegetables!

I expect we'll be able to eat our way through this stuff over the weekend but I also expect we'll have to start freezing some carrots, which means making some jam so there is room in the freezer for the carrots. Some of the potato plants are also starting to finish up so we may dig some of those next week when we run low in the cupboard. And next week I have two apple picks organized for operation fruit rescue edmonton so I'll likely have a few apples to bake with.

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