Saturday, February 27, 2016

An early start to the gardening season

It has been a very mild winter so far and, with two days of +15C, much of the lawn is exposed and the river ice is just starting to get translucent.

What this means is that a few days of glass on the cold frame and the ground was nice and thawed. I left in an old kale plant that is showing signs of life and then banged in a bunch of spinach seeds Jess picked out at Apache Seeds this morning.

As I was puttering around, I noticed this violet had peaked out. I suspect it is one of last year's blooms--although the plants beneath the leaves looked very bright green. I also revealed a strawberry plant that was enjoying some heat n the south side of the house.

I pulled some pots out of the garage so we can start tomato seeds next weekend. I ran across the glass for two other cold frames. These boxes are still full of snow but I put the glass on to see what might happen this week.

The coyotes have been very active these past few weeks while we have been walking. I haven't managed to get a decent picture but I did get my camera out tonight as one watched walk by.


  1. Hi Bob - nice to see your post today. It feels so strange to have warm bare soil in certain south facing places at this time of year. By rights we should be well below zero and covered in deep snow!

    I am contemplating starting a few seeds soon but plan to seed in cold frames INSIDE the greenhouse (unheated and uninsulated). Extra protection! I'm sure I'll lose anything that sprouts to hard frost in the coming month but for the price of a bit of seed, I suppose I have nothing to lose. You never know, we just night harvest some early greens...

    We gardeners are a special kind of optimistic, aren't we? LOL

    1. Yes and the snow and cold are back today! But spinach seed is pretty hardy so I'm still hopeful!