Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tomato seeding

We've been busy the past few weeks with some early season chores. The snow is mostly gone except in a few spots (like the strawberry beds) and lots of stuff is starting to grow.

I noticed that we missed a few onions last fall and they are starting to put up early shoots alongside last years leaves. I decided to pull the winter mulch off the seed beds to warm them up. Since it will still be awhile before we seed, this is a good chance for weeds to get a head start. I actually spent 30 minutes last night weeding out front--amazing what will grow as soon as the soil thaws.

Inside, we have planted some tomatoes under lights in the basement. I'll likely pick up a few starts but we decided to try a bicoloured tomato from seed this year.

This weekend we'll likely seed some marigolds (need to find another tray in the garage). As you can see below, nothing makes Jess happier than playing in the dirt. She disappeared in the back yard for an hour this week while I was raking the leaves off the side lawn.

If I get ambitious this week, we may get some sheep dip for the beds and get them ready for beet and radish seeding in April. We need just slightly more thaw to get the onions in as well.

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