Friday, June 17, 2016

Chive vinegar, rhubarb, berries and apples

Spring turns to summer and the garden is keeping us busy. I bottled the chive vinegar we started last week; it always makes such a pretty gift.

Jess and I have been cutting the rhubarb back. Some we're freezing for the winter while the rest is going into apple-rhubarb crisps. Some of the leaves are huge!

We're starting to see some progress on the berries. The strawberries are setting fruit. This weekend we'll be carving a new strawberry bed out of the chaotic iris mess under Jessica's window.

The goose berries are also thick this year. Not enough to make a jam or jelly with but enough to pick and freeze for smoothies next winter

Our own Saskatoons are still a few weeks away from being ready but anything in the valley that gets a southern exposure is almost ready to pick.

The apples are also growing really well. I think we'll get a bumper crop this year.

We're just about at the end of the spring flowers.

The daisies are pretty and the mock orange is just coming into bloom.

We also have a tonne of peonies this year.

And the bees are all over the Persian cone flowers. 

We have a few holes to fill in this weekend with some last minute seeding and quite a bit of weeding to do. Jessica is quite looking forward to strawberry season!

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