Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer flowers

The latter part of June has been quite rainy (almost every night this week). This has made for a nice break in the watering schedule as well as bumper crop of mosquitoes.

June is a nice lull in the gardening schedule; everything is in, the elm seedlings have been mostly eradicated, and nothing requires processing.

The strawberry u-pick we've been going to is set to open Monday so I hope to have a visit in the first week. I see that we have some berries ready in our backyard as well.

I also plan to start some rhubarb wine this weekend. Hopefully Saturday will be the day as it looks rainy. There are signs of a good harvest of raspberries. And if I can coax a few more gooseberries from the front plants, there are enough for a small batch of jam.

Jess's new patch of strawberries appears to be taking off and the rain has helped some of the transplanted irises. I also spent an hour deadheading the blooms in the front (and slapping mosquitoes).

We're coming to the end of the irises (although the remain beautiful) but I see the potatoes are just now blooming. We also have the beginnings of garlic scapes out front (I may make pesto this weekend).

The peas are starting to bear some fruit. I picked up some new seed and that seems to have reoslved last year's poor crop issues.

Given the weather, I suspect we'll see a quick succession of berries in early July so I will need to hunt up my jamming gear. We ran out of raspberry jam this year so that is the top priority once the canes start to bear.

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