Friday, July 1, 2016

Strawberries and rhubarb

This week has mostly been about strawberries and rhubarb. The rhubarb plants were looking a bit over grown so I cut them back quite a lot and ended up with about 15 pounds of stalks. We juiced them over night, added some sugar, apple juice (frozen from last fall) and some water and started a batch of rhubarb wine.

Strawberry season started a week early this year and we went out to Strawberry Creek Farm by Warburg to pick five gallons. Lovely berries.

We also had an amazing day for it. Warm but not scorching, nice breeze to keep the bugs down. We picked five pails in an hour (for $42) and are now processing them. Some I have frozen for smoothies. I have two batches of jam ready to cook tonight. This weekend I'll also be putting up some strawberry rhubarb pie filling (by far my most popular preserve).

 I spent some time this morning weeding the garden. The rain has resulted in a bunper crop. But some of the vegetables look like they are finally taking off so that was encouraging (especially thinning the carrots). The day lilies are starting to bloom. I still have a few blossoms that have some sort of "bug" so I'm nipping them off and removing. But much less of a problem than last year.

The Saskatoon's are also ripening (also early) so we may need to harvest some to prevent the birds from taking them all.

The other thing of my "must do" list this weekend is harvest the garlic scape and make pesto. I may set Jess to this task tonight while I jam the berries.

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