Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beer, apples, peas and zucchini

The wet weather has meant we've been busy weeding. Along the way we discover lots of surprises, like some carrots we missed last fall that survived and are not going to seed.

The apple tree has over 100 apples on it, which is a long way from the years where we would harvest two or three. They are also getting reasonably big. Perhaps it is the wet weather? Looking forward to saucing in the fall.

The beer has been racked off and is finishing its ferment in the basement and starting to look like beer. I plan to start a wine kit on Monday.

We're finally seeing some progress from the zucchini plants. Some nice flowers and there is one tiny fruit forming.

We were out for a bike ride on Friday and noticed this back alley garden. I love how people sneak gardens in in weird places. This one has garlic and zucchini.

We harvested the first crop of peas Friday. It was looking like rain and I always associated shelling peas with rain. When I was a kid, rainy days meant trucking into Meadow Lake to do laundry (nice days were for the beach). We'd always stop at a farm relatives had on the way back for a visit and a chance to raid their pea patch.

Jess and I moved around to the front to shell them and the sky let loose with a two hour rain storm. Streets flooded, gutters overflowed and there was so much wind we were driven inside. I will have frozen the peas for Xmas dinner.

There is likely at least one more good harvest (another four cups?) from a second sowing. My trellis partly collapsed on the rain so I spent some time today puling it back upright.

If I get ambitious, I will dry some dill tomorrow. We have plenty of dill seed still but the dried dill leaves is almost gone.

As I was avoiding the weeding this afternoon. there was lots of see. Onions left over from last year are flowering and the ornamental cheery tree is ripening fruit for the migrating robins this fall.

I also managed to catch this bee kindly pollinating the tomatoes out back.

We're getting a pretty decent raspberry harvest this year. I'm freezing them I anticipation of having enough to make jam.

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