Friday, July 8, 2016

Garlic scape pesto and strawberry jam

This last week has been busy with various gardening projects. The day lilies are just starting and the daily rain has helped the veggies increase in size. I expect we will have a pea harvest this weekend.

Last weekend I sent Jess out to harvest the garlic scapes. She brought in close to 50 which meant quintupling the recipe we had for garlic scape pesto.

I was making a batch of strawberry jam so my involvement in the pesto was restricted to yelling directions and snapping pictures over my shoulder as I stirred down the boil.

We (barely) managed to get everything in the big mixer and Jess then moved it to two muffin trays for freezing.

I made two batches of jam, turning things over to Jess for the second one.

Happily there were no burns and all of the jars sealed. I spent the time prepping some strawberry rhubarb pie filling.

We canned the first batch of pie filling the next day. I have the strawberries for another one but need the rhubarb to regenerate some after the wine harvest.  The wine is cooking away in the basement and i just about at the right point to kill the ferment (to retain a touch of sweetness). Maybe I will do that tonight, depending on what it tastes like.

The yard was a bit neglected this week. I bought a small kayak so I spent lots of evenings on the river. The dragon flies have arrived to tame the mosquitoes so went took a tour last night. Lots of progress and we have both saskatoons and raspberries to pick--the raspberries around three weeks early this year!

I think we'll be doing some weeding this weekend. I might also break out the food dryer and dry some herbs.

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