Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bulbs, sap, oregano and peas

Spring moved into high gear this past week, with the bulbs all breaking through the soil and leaf litter.

The sap is also running in the trees. Not sure why the cherry tree in the back yard has these nicks where it dies. I wonder about sap suckers?

The herbs have come back and we planted a bunch more of annual herbs this year. I have been interspersing them with flowers, mostly for aesthetic reason. I'm hopeful we can dry more herbs this year as we ran out of most of the usual kinds over the winter.

The raspberry canes have also started too leaf out and I will start to prune out the dead canes. I meant to do that last fall but ran out of energy.

Out front the peas have germinated and we also put in some tomato starters. I have a bunch more tomatoes and peppers that I picked up today but will wait until Friday to put the, out as the weather has cooled off slightly.

The early tulips are up out back and have added a shot of colour. We managed to get the rest of the carrots, onions, beets and bush beans planted in the back. There is just a small section that I will leave until June for some later vegetables.

The onions and garlic have started to come up. As have the radishes and lettuce. No sign of the zucchini or chard yet. Keen to dry some asparagus stalks to have on had for soup mixture.

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