Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lettuce, fruit blossoms, and zucchini

We finished planting out the garden over the past week, including putting in the corn starts that we grew inside plus the peppers an the rest of the tomatoes. I think we'll seed some beans this weekend in behind the peas and we're likely done for the season

The lettuce and radish bed has germinated and are starting to fill in. Some volunteer lettuce growing out the side of the raised bed was the furtherest along but is quickly being overtaken as high temperatures (+25C and more) are really encouraging growth.

The fruit trees and bushes are all in bloom, with the apples (above) and saskatoons (below) both promising good crops.

Some of the direct seeds crops are also germinating. The zucchini (below) is in a foot race with the onions and garlic. I'm also seeing the first of the carrots and the chard poking up.

Jessica's yard-long cucumbers also germinated. Trying out new varieties often leads to disappointments so seed the germinates is a good start. No sign of the potatoes yet but it is still early.

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