Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn gardening

We spent as much of this weekend out of doors as possible, both cleaning up the garden and walking and cycling in the river valley. The autumn colour is fading but still quite spectacular.

We dug up (for the first time in three years) the 12x4" raised bed below our deck and dug in a large amount of leaves. The soil here gets quite compacted by the weight of the snow.

We also moved a small group of green onion bulbs (which Jess is pushing in here) for an early spring harvest. We also discovered a small green pepper growing on of the plants.

The valley had some lovely autumn colour, including a patch of these flowers in one of the gullies. I've never seen these and wondered if they were something foreign that had taken root in the boggy soil.

We're almost finished with autumn gardening tasks--only a few more beds to dig up and fill with leaves.

Up next: A bit more baking and freezing is planned as Thanksgiving cranberries are now deeply discounted and available in large quantities. I hope there is room in the freezer!

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