Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Frost

We woke up to our first good frost this morning, which has brought most of the gardening season to an end. There are still a few carrots in the ground and there is a lot of clean-up work, but I'm basically done for the year.

We spent most of the weekend inside cooking--tomato sauce, bread, pumpkin pie, etc. I also did some work prepping for next year. We have a large bed along the north side of our backyard which was originally a vegetable bed. Then, with the house construction, because a refuge for the perennials.

I've spent the summer relocating the perennials. With the cucumbers packing it in (I picked the last four Friday night), I've started to dig it and mix in leaves and other stuff to loosen the soil some. Next year this will be the potato patch so I'm placing stepping stones with that in mind.

I've managed to dig about half of the 120 square feet and will spade up some more this afternoon. I also transplanted 10 strawberry plants from the side to beneath the aspen on the back right to free up some beds on the south for vegetables.

Jess' enthusiasm for gardening has dried up as the weather has cooled. I was out poking around and see that a couple of onions we planted for next spring are up early. These were bulbs that grew and died off this summer without making much of a size gain. So we moved them around the front to some better soil and more sun. I wonder how many will come up in the spring!

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  1. Ah yes, the frost killed off most of what was trying to hang on in my yard too... I finally pulled all my carrots, and got way more than I thought I would. The kids were in the yard, washing them off and pretending to be bugs bunny. They have never eaten so many carrots in one sitting before. I am some more clean up to do, and I still wnat to plant garlic. I have been up to my eyeballs in preserving, and just finished my last batch of salsa. I also tried tomato sauce this year - 18 jars! I need to build some shelves to keep all my preserves. Just in time for winter. :)