Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cold Frame

One of my autumn tasks was to knock together a cold frame. This is one of those things I think about in the spring but, by the time autumn rolls around, forget or lack the enthusiasm for. Today we put together a rudimentary one to see how it works next spring.

While a proper cold frame might well be more elaborate (with a slope and hinged panes), I wanted to experiment for as little cost as possible. I picked up some old windows from a house being renovate up the way. These (more or less) were the right dimensions to fit over a 4x4' raised bed I have on the south side of the house.

So today we picked up some extra wood to add some height and put together a frame to sit on top of the existing box. I will put the glass on in early spring andm when summer comes around, I can remove the glass and extra frame and store them under the deck. Not bad for $12 and about two hours of work.

There is a slight overhang here which is aesthetically offensive but of no practical concern. I think a bit of felt on the top of the wooden frame will adequately seal the glass to the frame. The two panes will just sit loosely. If this works out next spring, I'll consider building something more elaborate next year.

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