Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting ready to seed

With the weather so lovely, I've been inspired to begin to get ready to start our own plants from seed this spring. We've always done a bit of this in the window sill of my office but this year we're going to do it under grow lights in the basement.

After some negotiation (my employer would be wise to hire my wife to collectively bargain for them...), we agreed that the spare bedroom would be the best place. The position is not perfect but to allowed me to sink some anchors into the framing of the bulkhead (I've no idea where the ceiling joists are in the stippled ceiling).

We then hauled out some old fixtures (one donated by my dad, one salvaged from the old house) and put them up. We needed a quick run to Rona to get some chain for one of them. I always enjoy a trip to Rona with my wife as it shows her how (comparatively) well dressed, groomed and socialized I am. For example, I don't own any "going out" sweatpants.

Next up we'll be making some pots out of newspaper, tape and cusswords and I'm hoping to start some tomato plants and kale (the latter for the cold frame) in about two weeks.


  1. Cold frame in two weeks? Really. I better get ready.

  2. Well, starting the plants in two weeks--probably not into the cold frames until late March.

    I just made the seedling pots this afternoon and I'm slowly watching them swell as the moisture wicks up... and burst. We'll see how badly this goes but I'm a bit concerns I'm going to end up with a mess of wet newspaper and mud. la la-la...