Monday, February 20, 2012

Seedlings: Try 2!

With our first set of paper pots falling apart, we rolled up some new newspaper pots and added in already moist soil on Thursday. This seems to have solved the splitting that plagued our last batch of home made pots. (I can only imagine what kind of search engine traffic the first paragraph of this post is going to generate...).

We then planted seeds. Below you can see what I believe are kale seeds germinating. These are for the cold frame which I will glass up in a week or two. We also planted some carrots and beets to get some early season root vegetables.

Then Jess planted some celery and leek seeds. I've never grown leeks but I understand they are fairly straight forward (tips welcomed!). We've done celery before but only from bedding plants. I'll be keen to see if we can get a decent crop from seed.

I was a bit unsure how we would water these fellows (they are in the basement) but this turned out to be a good opportunity to cycle my stash of water from the furnace room.

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