Friday, March 9, 2012

Pie and cold frames

With the weather being decidedly spring-like today (we had lunch on the back deck in our jackets), I thought a quick update is in order. Over the weekend we continued to work our way through last summer's fruit, with a delicious Saskatoon berry pie.

The seedlings in the basement are growing. I'm not sure what this one is (maybe a stray carrot seed towering over the celery sprouts)?

The kale is still growing, although things seem to have slowed. We also planted some cherry and early girl tomato seeds on the weekend.

And I finally put the glass in the cold frames yesterday. A day later, half of the snow within the frames had melted.

If the weather is warm enough this weekend, I will get out and put a strip of felt around the lip of the frame to get a better seal against the glass.

1 comment:

  1. Felt, never thought to put something for a better seal. I put glass over my raised brick planter a couple of days ago. Yesterday was a good day for disappearing snow.