Saturday, June 27, 2015

Food forest, peas, tomatoes and berries

Last summer, a bunch of folks planted an urban food forest in the river valley. The idea was to use a city program designed to increase the number of trees to plant fruit-bearing bushes. I took a wander through this week and, unfortunately, it doesn't look like much survived (although the grass was quite high so perhaps some is just hidden).

I did, however, almost step on this nest of chicks. You can just make out their open beaks in the dark spot (click on the photo to zoom in).

The heat is really helping the plat. We're seeing the mock orange start to fade along with the peonies. But the day lilies are just budding up and will be with us the rest of the summer. On the south side, we're also seeing the delphiniums getting ready to bloom/

More exciting are the first few tomatoes that have set. I started cleaning out the freezer today in anticipation of lots of sauce come fall. Around front, the Persian cone flowers are attracting the bees.

The strawberries are also ready and we're starting to see a few shell peas. Everything is requiring watering during this spot of really hot weather.

The zucchini have also finally hit their stride and are noticeable bigger every time I'm behind the garage.

I'm hopeful that Jess and I can pick some strawberries during the first part of vacation. Today we bought some cherries at the farmer's market and I'be pitted and frozen a bunch for smoothies in the winter. I'd also like to do some baking and can some rhubarb but it is too hot to turn on the oven!

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