Monday, June 8, 2015

Irises, beets, carrots and zucchini

The irises have really started to bloom around the front, replacing the last of the tulips. These create a nice barrier (about three feet deep) between the sidewalk and the vegetable beds. Just enough to discourage the junior high kids from mucking about.

I have already flagged a couple of plants for removal after the blooms are done. They are blocking the ends of several veggie beds. I'm also experimenting with a new camera, which seem to be much better than my old one in terms of autofocusing!

Much of this weekend was spent on chore-type tasks: cleaning the garage, disassembling some old chairs that had rotted, and cleaning up the mess that accumulates under the back deck. I was also going to do some pruning but it was too hot. I put the sprinkler on the veggies and then came inside to have a look at the state of the preserves, instead.

The apples continue to form up. It will be awhile before I have a sense of how much of a haul we'll have this year. But out front the beets and carrots are starting to become big enough to thin and count!

And the zucchini finally moved beyond the cotyledons and (along with the pumpkins) are well on their way to being annoying large and prolific.

The rest of this week entails some weeding. I have been trying to simultaneously kill some alpine currants and replace them with raspberries along the north fence. So far, so good but the currant s tenacious. If the heat will abate, I'll take some snips in and cut them back to the stumps again.

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