Thursday, September 10, 2015

Early harvesting

The heat this summer has meant harvesting has begun earlier than in past year. The tomatoes have been coming in pretty steadily, meaning both good eating and weekly saucing.

I also pulled the carrots out of one of the rows in the front. These were most yellowstone carrots. We are eating some fresh and the rest I have blanched and frozen.

Part of the reason for pulling the carrots was to make space for some garlic cloves for next year. We planted four kinds of hard-neck. Garlic seems to do well and home-grown is much better than store bought so I have increased what we planted by 100%. 

Planting garlic is fun now that Jess has developed a more adult sense of distance and can space the clove son her own. We are also eating some fresh cucumbers.

In addition to saucing tomatoes, we're starting to pull potatoes for roasting. Next year we'll plant more potatoes and perhaps fewer beets and less swiss chard. If I get ambitious, I will also make an early batch of sauerkraut this week.

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