Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wine, blackberries and squash

With autumn approaching, we bottled the spring wine. It was all hands on deck as we has two carboys ready: a malbec and a cab-merlot-shiraz. If the world ever ends, I'm going out loaded.

The garden is starting to wind down. The beans are setting and the summer was hot enough to produce a few black berries!

Having run out of pickled eggs, I decided to make an early batch of sauerkraut in the crock I picked up. A week in and it is smelling and tasting like a good batch.

The potatoes are done and we'll harvest them today. The tomatoes are still producing lots to eat and maybe enough for another two batches of sauce.

The cucumbers are now producing enough to make salads with and are slowly covering the garden where some onions need picking. I see one of the "cucumber" plants is actually some other kind of squash.

The pumpkin patch has five fruit, this being the best example. It is turning a crazy deep orange.

We're slowly make some minor changes to the garden layout while I wait for some hard frosts to kill of two rather inconveniently located wasp nests. The post berry growth of the raspberry patch along the north fence has been encouraging!

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