Saturday, October 10, 2015

A new bed, tomatoes and beans

The last of the fall colours are out and the front hedge is amazing to behold! I spent a fair bit of time beholding while a Shaw service guy did amazing work restoring my internet!

This past weekend I finally got around to dealing with a bed at the front of the house. A wasp's nest by the front pillar had held up work. They are still there but there is only one or two left so I started pulling down the pea and bean trellis and then removing the plants that were up against the house (mostly raspberry).

After an hour of digging and transplanting I have a new bed (about 50 square feet) cleared for next year. Not sure what I will plant here. The stunt gardener in me says "corn!". The practical gardener wonders about potatoes and tomatoes.

We had our first hard front this week but just before hand, the tomatoes kicked into high gear, putting out a huge number of new blossoms.

The tomatoes I pulled in two weeks ago are ripening nicely and I made another batch of sauce.

Still trying to decide if coarse chopping is easier than skinning. Faster but requires more muscle on the mill which makes me wonder if I'm not going to break the handle.

I also shelled the beans and peas and set them out to dry. These are mostly a small Mexican red bean (like a kidney, but smaller) that I grow every couple of years to keep the seed stock fresh.

I also pulled out a huge carrot. This one was 11 inches long and 8 and a half inches in circumference.

It is like a huge cob of corn. Can't wait to see what some of the other carrots look like!


  1. Hey, Bob! I just caught up reading your posts form the last few months - you had a great garden year. I laughter out loud with the "stunt gardener" comment. So funny!

    That is one huge carrot. We grew some chanetenays like that - they keep so well. Love them.

    1. Thanks! yeah, a good year in the garden. Wish I planted a few more potatoes but starting to get a better handle on the bed rotation so that will resolve itself next year.

    2. Good grief, autocorrect really messed with my words! That will teach me to proofread better ;)