Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pickled radishes

With autumn closing in, things are calmer in the yard. Last week I pulled the second crop of radishes and decided to pickle them in the fridge. There are still a few radishes outside but I'm not sure it will get warm enough for them to mature.

This took about 15 minutes: some cutting, a bit of prep and into the jar with vinegar. I used some more of the chive-infused vinegar I made last year, which has a pink hue to it.

After about two hours, its colour is supplemented by colour drawn from the radish skin and the whole thing has a nice reddish colour. These should be ready in a week or two.

We're also pulling carrots and beets. And there are a few potatoes to dig and a last few tomatoes to bring in.

This weekend we'll likely make some more tomato sauce as the green tomatoes on the window sill are ripening nicely.

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