Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chives, Saskatoons, Irises and Rabbit

A few days of rain have really rejuvenated the garden. I harvested the first of the radishes this week and am letting the rest get a bit bigger before pulling them all in to make pickled radishes. I filled in the holes with some lettuce seeds.

Whether it was bees or my hand pollination, it also looks like we'll have a good crop of apples this year. You can see two have set out of this bunch of blossoms.

The dry weather is also good for the Saskatoons and we should have a tonne of berries this year (after nursing some of these plants for half a decade!). I'm very keen to pick and freeze these, although we're at least a month away from berry season.

The irises are also starting to flower--maybe three weeks ahead of schedule. Maybe two. They are always a pretty show and make a nice border at the front of the yard.

The chives are also flowering (think lovely pink chive-infused vinegar people!).

I spent this morning doing some yard work (mowing, fixing a few tools, trimming the hedge) and ran across this shy lady bug.

We lost two onions and two garlic plats our front this week (although they are regrowing from the bulb). At first I thought it was one on the any rabbits in the neighbourhood helpfully pre-seasoning himself. But it turned out to be a pair of cut worms. Until last year, I'd never seen a cut worm in our yard. Hopefully they are just passing through.

I'm leaving Jess in charge of the garden for a few days whileI go to a conference. It looks like the weather will cooperate and she shouldn't have to water too much. When I get back, she is keen to create a new strawberry bed below her window.

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