Sunday, May 22, 2016


It has been a dry spring and this weekend has finally brought rain (lots). All of the plants have really jumped up with the moisture.

The strawberries out back now have blossoms and the lilacs are well under way.

A few days ago we had the annual rain of elm seeds. You can see the drifts below. Not quite as many as 2007 (when there were literally drifts of seeds in the backyard) but enough that I'll be weeding my arms off this summer.

A tree I noticed had small red berries last year s in bloom. It is a big tree (this is a shot of the canopy from above on a bridge). I can't see to find this in my books. I will need to look a bit more closely at the tree when I go by. I'd wondered about a pin cherry but the leaves look wrong.

The potatoes popped up overnight (after a solid rain) so we'll need to get out as pull some soil around them. I think I'll wait until the rain stops. I did do some weeding today--grass is so much easier to pull when the soil is deeply wet.

The first sowing f peas is now several inches high and starting to grab at the string I dropped to bridge it to the trellises (top left of photo below). The second sowing of peas are just beginning to pop up and the bush beans finally germinated.

Out back I planted some melons that I early await. I'm happy for the rain but I suspect the cooling will slow germination.  In the meantime, we put in some more tomatoes as well as some soup celery. And I have a last few tomato plants and some marigolds that we'll put out next week.

We took a walk last night in the valley and th roses are vividly pink against the wet green background.

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