Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring flowers

An early spring is giving way to an early summer with a spate of +28C days. What this means is that everything is flowering at once. 

The apple tree on the south side of the house, for example, went from basic buds to full bloom in two days.

Jess and I have been trying to adjust our seeding and stay on top of the explosive weed growth. We pulled the glass off the cold frames last weekend and put up pea trellises.

The strawberries we transplanted last week are going great guns and I need to spend a few hours weeding and pruning suckers from the cherry tree.

The sun has given us some beautiful light now that we have rearranged the furniture inside the house.

Around the front the phlox has bloomed... have the Saskatoon bushes. I am hopeful we'll get a decent haul of berries this year. A touch of rain would be helpful.

The bulbs are also blooming (and quickly finishing). No sign of the potatoes yet but we planted a second sowing of beets and carrots and swiss chard. Jess was also supposed to have put in some basil seed, but I think this remains to be done.

We also have these yellow flowers in bloom which offers some colour in the front yard as the onions and carrots and beets are all just pushed through the soil.

Other than the tender plants, some late sowings of lettuce, and some beans, we're basically done seeding already. I'll likely put some melon seeds in the ground this weekend and I need to harden off the tomatoes (slightly burned them in the sun on the weekend).

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