Friday, August 5, 2016

Tomatoes, beer, peas and apples

The first of the tomatoes are staring to bear this week and they are delicious!

We were kept fairly busy with projects. Jess and I bottled the beer we made on the weekend and then tucked it away to carbonate. I'll tackle our wine kit next week (maybe!).

We also harvested the rest of the peas and I froze most of these after Jenn and Jess shucked them on the front steps.

Apple season has started early. Friends invited us to glean their tree and we got 15 gallons of apples.

I spent several hours one day turning them into sauce and then another several hours jarring the sauce the next. We ended up with five gallons of apple sauce and a litre and a bit of apple butter. The preserves closet is starting to look a less barren!

This garden on my bike ride is quite the site. Apologies for the panoramic distortion. The south facing part has numerous raised beds that are filled with veggies and I think they are growing borage in the rocky bed on the left.

We have some fruit to pick this coming weekend as I'd like to try currant jelly and also stock up on crab apple jelly.

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