Monday, August 19, 2013

Jarring salsa

Is there a happier sound than a lid "pop" signifying a good seal? I have been pressure canning with abandon this week and put up seven jars of zucchini salsa tonight. It would have been eight but I needed to leave half a litre out for eating.

I would have made more but the carrot thief has turned his attention to the zucchini (yes, really, someone is filching zucchini). I caught him tonight by chance (well put together older gentleman picking cans... and vegetables) and politely expressed my exasperation (although my shaved head and fu manchu 'stashe may have given a different impression).

We picked a bunch of battleford apples last night and today gave the garburetor apple crusher a go. It worked but the apples need to be softer so I decided to freeze them tonight, thaw them tomorrow and then crush on Wednesday. The extra step is a bit annoying but, based on the few we ran through the crusher today, there won't be any real need to press the apples when we're done (could do that with our hands).

I've had to haul in about half of the tomatoes still green due to the hail and slug onslaught. They make a pretty sight on the window ledge and I'm keen to see them ripen and get canned. I am loving the pressure canner. Tomorrow we'll pick a neighbour's crabs and make jelly.

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