Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh hail, no!

The eighth (!) big hail storm of the year rolled through this afternoon for about 30 minutes and made a heck of a mess. You can see the accumulation under the tree while the water overloaded the gutters and just rolled across the ground.

The hail did a lot of damage. The autumn lettuce (in the container on the deck) is a complete write off.

More troubling was the beating the tomatoes took. They were literally pounded off their trellis. I'll go out tomorrow and pull off the damage tomatoes. Between the hail and slugs, it is a tough year! The butternut squash plant in the foreground (below) was shredded and likely won't make it,

There was some flooding in the neighbourhood. You can see an intersection that is axle-deep in water in the background (click to get a larger picture).

Lots of other plants were just destroyed. Below was a large swiss chard, which is now just goo.

Other stuff will likely bounce back (root vegetables seemed okay, just a bit flattened). I also got a nice crop of kale off this morning and made chips while the rain came down.

In better news, I canned 16 jars of carrots today using the pressure canner. Wow, that was a snap. I plan to do some salsa on Monday.

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