Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apple sauce and carrot jam

A friend kindly let us pick her apple tree last night and we ended up with about 20 gallons of golden delicious apples. These are beautiful apples--large and clear fleshed. A bit insipid as eating apples but they make a light and cheery sauce.

I started saucing this morning and we managed 7 litres before I gave up in the heat of the afternoon. We'll be back at this tomorrow though. I don't have a goal perhaps another 18 litres or so--some we'll turn into apple butter.

Jess found a recipe for carrot jam and we gave that a go. It is interesting--more like a marmalade than a jam and likely best on crackers with some cream cheese. Jess ran most of the show herself (which I watched nervously while cutting up more apples for sauce).

We also went for a walk and saw some nice acorns on the boulevard trees they have been planting in recent years.

After we came back, I sorted about five gallons of the smaller apples into a separate bin to turn into cider later on. I'm going to see if I can con Jenn into doing some peeling and cutting this weekend. We also have another pick lined up and I hope to host my first Operation Fruit Rescue Pick.

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