Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins

The past few days have seen lots of stuff come out of the garden and into the house. The paste tomatoes are ripening and I plan to can a batch of salsa this week.

We've been eating the first of the early potatoes (delicious) but the late potatoes continue to bloom (which is a nice late-season flower to have around).

After claiming I've never had any luck with pumpkins, I wander out of the yard and found our vine has at least three growing. This one is bigger than a softball (the wooden offcut is 5.5 inches to give you a sense of scale). I'm excited to have our own pumpkins for once!

We're also seeing some real late summer growth. The sunflowers above the clothes line are more than eight feet tall. The top of the metal trellis is five feet to add some scale.

On the back deck, the autumn lettuce patch is coming up nicely, although the runner beans keep trying to over run it.

I've also harvested a box of carrots from the alley (marauders were picking 3-4 a night and making a mess of the the rest of the foliage). I'm in the process of pressure canning these--should be about 16 500ml jars when I get done. We're also going to try preserving a bunch in moist sand.

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